2019 Volunteer Sign Up Information

There are many volunteering opportunities available before, during and after Harvest Market weekend!

Some area high schools allow Harvest Market volunteer hours to be used for your community service requirements.

Preparation and Set-Up

Help needed before Harvest Market starts

Cookie Factory

Come to the kitchen to join us in making cookie dough and baking cookies to prepare for Harvest Market.

Apple Pie Making

Roll out dough, prepare apples, assemble and bake pies

Soup Bowl

Make soup!!! We’d love donations of good soup. As instructed by the State Health Inspector, we ask that your soup arrive in a gallon-size Ziploc bag surrounded by ice. Please remember to label the type of soup and whether it is vegetarian, dairy free or gluten free. Your soup may be delivered the Saturday morning directly to the Soup Bowl or you can make other drop-off arrangements with Dianne Sisson in advance of Harvest Market.

Apple Picking

Come for a fun day of picking apples and enjoying the mountain views for the Cider Tent at the Old Fashioned Harvest Market. Saturday Sept 21 meet at the United Church of Underhill at 7:30 am or we will pick up volunteers at the park in Richmond at 8:00am.

Make Jelly

Help make crab apple jelly for the Country Store in the afternoon on Sunday Sept 22nd in the United Church of Underhill kitchen.


Harvest Market Weekend

Help needed during Harvest Market weekend

Cookie Factory

Join the fun making and selling cookies. We make thousands of delicious cookies including chocolate chip, maple, Whoopie pies, molasses, oatmeal, sugar, and a gluten free brownie.

Soup Bowl

Saturday Only: Help serve soup, slice, weigh and bag up cheese and crackers, build paper trays and stock soup bowls, wash pots

Refreshment Tent

Volunteers are needed during Harvest Market hours. We run two shifts: 8-12:00 and 12-4:00 on Saturday, and 9-1:00 and 1-4:00 on Sunday. Volunteers will be responsible for cooking and serving hamburgers, hot dogs, Italian sausages, and drinks.

  • Contact David Keszey at 999-4574 or 899-2946

Cider Tent

Volunteers are needed for Saturday and Sunday. 2 hour or 4 hour shifts from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. Jobs are selling cider & doughnuts, jugging cider to sell, grinding apples or pressing apples into cider.

Country Store

The Country Store area is looking for workers to make Cotton Candy, Sell Pizza, and Sell Root Beer Floats. Sign up for a 2 hour slot on Saturday 9/28 or Sunday 9/29. You may sign up for more than one slot if you wish. Guaranteed fun for all!

Lemonade Stand

Need volunteers to help make the BEST lemonade ever! Sign up to work at the Harvest Market Lemonade Stand and get community service credit for your work.

Children’s Games

Help needed to oversee the various children’s games during Harvest Market.  Games are all setup, you will just need to keep an eye on the kids and keep things running smoothly.

Fry Hut

Love Harvest Market French Fries? Volunteers are needed to help scoop, cut, and fry potatoes. Maybe eat a few too? 2 hour shifts: Saturday from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm and Sunday 10 am to 4 pm.

Take Down

Help needed after Harvest Market ends

General Clean Up

On Sunday afternoon, right after Harvest Market we are looking for a few strong backs to help put away items, return chairs and return items to their regular spots. The more the merrier! Sign up and bring a friend!